Robust and Optimal Design

1. About Course

Course Objectives

Mechanical engineer of a new age must have the ability of designing creative products, but creative design skill is very difficult to learn. Especially to develop a new product, we have to collect inventive ideas and perfect a conceptual design based on these creative thinking. We have learned this progress in the undergraduate subject, “Design, Manufacturing practice”.
Meanwhile, after completion of the conceptual design, next step is basic design. The key point of this step is finding optimal values of design variables in order to minimize functional displacement or decline of the product though customers use it. The goods that goes through these progress is of superior quality and robust.
In this subject, we will study “Taguchi method” that is optimization method to design the robust and high-quality product. Taguchi method is systematic robust optimal design method by experiments.
If you learn Taguchi method, you will have help from this method during your whole life though you will be in any engineering filed

Course Outline

Part 1. Theory lecture

Introduction of lecture and show engineering failure case
2. Outline of robust optimal design
3. Planning of robust optimal design
4. Develop and performance of robust optimal design
5. Analysis of robust optimal design
6. Conclusion, Dreaming engineer

Part 2. Small project of robust optimal design

1. Topic selection
2. Presentation about introduction of each topic
3. Interview with professor #1 : Check of planning and develop of experiment
4. Interview with professor #2 : Check of performance of experiment
5. Interview with professor #3 : Check of analysis of experiment
6. Presentation of result and report submit