Design, Manufacturing Process and Laboratory

1. About Course

Course Objectives

Creativity and cooperation are two important key strengths required in the global world, especially for engineers. In other words, professional engineers in the future should be able to perform creative engineering design with creativity and cooperation. Therefore, the objective of this course lies in experiencing the process of creative engineering design and cultivating the ability to cooperate coordinately through teamwork assignments such as H.W. #1 and a design project.
Course Outline

Professional engineers in the future need to be global leaders in many other areas. Especially the engineers of the new generation need the ability to perform creative engineering design more than ever. In this course, this creative engineering design will be studied. The overall ability of creative engineering design must be studied and trained through practice and experience. Therefore, the design project to be carried out throughout the semester is very important. On the other hand, in this course, students will have an experience of actually manufacturing what they have designed through a machine-construction project as well as learn the methodology of a systematic engineering design from embodiment design of eliciting creative concepts to conceptual design of setting the optimum value of the design variable. Through these methodologies and experiences, students will be able to design and manufacture creative algorithms, systems, or products that have never existed before.
Contribution to the Major Field

Through the theory sessions of Design Manufacture and Practice, students will learn not only the methodologies of creative engineering design and robust design, but also the components of a good presentation as well as how to improve team work, how to brainstorming, how to write a logbook, and how to carry out a team meeting. Also during the practice sessions, students will learn how to analyze assembly drawings and part drawings, how to use machines and measuring devices, and how to make and assemble machine parts. Finally through the design project, students will apply the knowledge and skills they have learned through the theory and practice sessions and study and learn creative engineering design skills.