Mechanical Drawing

1. About Course

Course Objectives

Mechanical engineering drawing is the common graphical language for engineers. No products could be realized if engineers are not able to express his or her own product concepts by using engineering drawings. The basic objectives of this lecture are to help students understand the principles and standards for engineering drawing by a series of practical exercise examples, and also cultivate the capabilities of expressing his or her own creative product design ideas by CAD tools.

Course Introduction

The "principle lecture" delas with the theoretical parts of engineering drawing such as usage of lines, projection, tolerance and so on. Also, simultaneously, students practice typical CAD tools of SolidWorkds and CATIA so that he or she can express clearly what he or she learns in the "principle lecture". Finally, a project team is composed of 3-4 students to execute a project. Each team finds out a creative and practical topic and realizes it. By this way, students cultivate teamwork capability and presentation skill.

Course Contribution

The contribution of this course is to help students learn the projection methodology which is the basic core of engineering drawings, understand the principles and related standards and how to finish assembly and part drawings as a set of engineering drawings. This is the pre-requisite for product design engineers, who have to secure design capability to develop products by obtaining the capability of understanding and making engineering drawings. This course also contributes to students to develop CAD modeling skills which are required for them to execute the product design tasks in the field of automobile, aerospace industries and so on.